Guide to NumPy

This e-book is a complete reference to NumPy (the replacement for Numeric). It is basically finished although some formatting issues remain, you will receive the current version (within 1-2 days) and any updates as they become available.

You may download a sample pdf with a Table of Contents and Chapters 1 and 2 here.

Purchasing Options

After you click on the BUY NOW button, you will be able to enter your payment information (credit card, e-check, etc.) and the e-email adress where you would like to receive the e-book.  You may also (optionally) enter your mailing address so that it is on record if discount printing options on this e-book become available.   Comments, or special instructions may also be entered on the purchase form. 

You will also be able to order more than one copy of the book, if you desire.  You might want to buy multiple copies, for example, to show support for NumPy and/or SciPy and encourage its further development.   Or, you may need multiple copies because many people at your place of work need access to the documentation at the same time; therefore, they should have their own e-book.


By ordering 20 copies, you will receive a site-license to copy to members of your organization as well as the current HTML version of the book which you can host on an internal website.

$39.99 per copy which includes all future updates during restriction period.


Students can buy a copy of the Guide for $19.99 per copy.  The email address the book will be sent to must be a University or College email address and you need to provide the name of your school in the Comments or Address section in order to receive this rate.

$19.99 per copy which includes all future updates during restriction period.

Course work

The book may be copied for use in teaching a course as long as enough copies of the book are purchased at a reduced rate.   The rate is 1 copy purchased for every 6 students in the course (the instructor may take one complementary copy).

$39.99 for every 6 students in the course.

More Questions?  Perhaps the FAQ will help.